Public Relations

Whatever your public relations need might be, we can create and manage a campaign to make it happen. At a PR program's core is message management: Identifying exactly what you need to say and then making sure that the message is delivered consistently across every venue. We use a variety of tools to make that happen, such as media relations, social media, publications, polling and a host of other tools. Find Out More.


Advocacy comes in many shapes and sizes. For some, it's the need to bring about a specific policy change that will enable them to do what they want to do. For others, it might be to change the perspectives that the public or a group holds on an issue. Whatever the need, Bichsel Public Affairs empowers your cause with a voice. We fuse public education, community organizing, new media and events to engage communities and move your cause forward. Partnering with you, we leverage our relationships with community leaders, elected officials, and citizens to build unstoppable coalitions for your effort. Find Out More.

Foundations and Non-Profits

One of the biggest challenges foundations and non-profit groups face is aligning their messages - and how those messages are delivered - to what it is that they most want and need to do. At Bichsel Public Affairs, we employ a variety of ways to help foundations and non-profits become more effective. There are reasons that their voice gets muffled. We identify those reasons help foundations and non-profits overcome them. We also help corporations align their giving with their companies' missions. Find Out More.

Clients usually first come to us with a specific need. It might be as straight-forward as promoting a big new contract or as broad as wanting to figure out how to make their communications more effective. At Bichsel Public Affairs, we use a variety of tools to meet our clients' needs. Our tool chest has three compartments. Please click on each for descriptions of the services we provide.