Whatever your public relations need, we can create and manage a program to make it happen. At a PR program's core is message management: Identifying exactly what you need to say and then making sure that the message is delivered consistently across every venue. We use a variety of tools to accomplish that need, including:
  • Brand enhancement
  • Coalition building and public information campaign management
  • Communication audits (internal and external message management)
  • Corporate positioning
  • Crisis communications, issue management and litigation communications
  • Media and presentation training
  • Media list development and management
  • Media relations (press releases, op-eds, press conferences)
  • Message development
  • Product announcements
  • Research and polling
  • Website evaluation
  • Writing (byline articles, digital communications, website content,, annual reports and other written materials)

It Starts with the Right Message

Those who get what they want, whether they're individuals, businesses, government leaders or foundations, share at least one critical trait: they know how to create and use messages that work for them. Effective messaging might be the single most important way to build and enhance a brand or to move an idea toward acceptance.

Bichsel Public Affairs helps organizations align their messages with their actions and to craft them into compelling themes that are used consistently throughout the organization.

We work with clients to improve both the content and delivery of critical messages and build strategies that will effectively tell their story. We customize strategies and messages to meet to specific needs and business goals.

We have developed a communications audit methodology that will identify and review your current messages and messengers, messaging vehicles and strategies around critical topics and events affecting your organization. Our methodology includes stakeholder interviews and use of measurements to track progress. Our team will facilitate planning sessions to develop specific messages and address issues, develop strategies to support organizational objectives and identify outside supporters who can assist in spreading key messages.

Bichsel Public Affairs also offers years of experience in helping clients strategize before, during and after crisis situations. We offer expertise on handling the media, talking to the public, communicating with employees, and cooperating with regulators.

Navigating Today's Changing Media World

In today's evolving media marketplace where every cell phone is a camera, every member of the audience at an event is a potential newsman, and every Internet site and blog is a publisher, awareness isn't enough. Executives and spokespeople in corporations, associations and political campaigns require traditional and new media skills and media interview training more than ever before, including:
  • Citizen advocacy and lobbying training
  • Developing strategic and sticky messages
  • How to interview with accredited and non-traditional broadcast, online and print journalists
  • Testifying before Congress or regulatory agencies
  • Training for blogging and other social media applications

Whatever your public relations need, we can create and manage a program to make it happen. Whatever it takes, we've done it before with finesse that has achieved our clients' goals.

Other Services
  1. Advocacy
  2. Foundations and Non-Profits

Clients usually first come to us with a specific need. It might be as straight-forward as promoting a big new contract or as broad as wanting to figure out how to make their communications more effective. At Bichsel Public Affairs, we use a variety of tools to meet our clients' needs. Our tool chest has three compartments. Please click on each for descriptions of the services we provide.