At Bichsel Public Affairs, we focus on the things that lead our clients to greater success.

For some, it's helping them connect with the right people to reach their goals. For others, it's aligning what they want to do with what they need to say. Then there are those facing bad news who need an experienced hand to help them get through a time of harsh scrutiny. Still others see great potential and need seasoned guidance to help position for that success.

Our expertise spans working with the media, government, online communities as well as employees and other stakeholders. We're good at recognizing where you want to go and then charting what must happen to get there. We're also talented at delivering the goods.
Do you want broader coverage in the media?
We know how to make that happen.

Do you need to improve your relationships with government officials? We can help.

Do you need to rally public support? We've done it countless times.

Do you need to make sure that your employees know how to tell your story? We're great at showing how to align your internal messages with your external goals.

Clients usually first come to us with a specific need. It might be as straight-forward as promoting a big new contract or as broad as wanting to figure out how to make their communications more effective. At Bichsel Public Affairs, we use a variety of tools to meet our clients’ needs. Our tool chest has three compartments. Please click on each for descriptions of the services we provide.